Causes Of Obesity In America

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Since 2010 more than 30 percent of Americans were obese. The statistics of obesity is becoming the leading cause to America 's most serious health crisis (Carroll, D). More and more America’s are becoming over weight due to lack of awareness, healthier foods, and not enough exercise. Michelle Obama has started the awareness in child obesity campaigning, “Let’s Move”. Research has shown that one and three children in the nation are obese or overweight. President Obama has help implemented Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which regulates the quality of foods feder¬ally subsidized schools may serve to children and prompt physical exercise (Edwalds, R). According to Introduction of Sociology text book, “functionalism, also called structural …show more content…
With more than 30 percent of American’s overweight, has caused an inclining ladder in the fast food industry (Carroll, D). According to CNBS news article, “Fast food nation: What 's driving the jobs numbers”, fast food companies are employing more than 355,000 this year due to more American’s are eating out more (fast food nation). They are many causes of obesity, such as hypertension and diabetes; which, has also added an increased in health care jobs in America. Obesity is also link to heart disease, stroke, cancer, gallbladder disease, respiratory problems, and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor (BLS) statistics, hospitals have created more than 31,500 in 2011 (Healthcare Traveler, 18(12), 23). The social issue of obesity has help functionalized society by the awareness of change. New programs for weight loss, such as weight-loss centers and diet and nutrition services. American’s and others around the nations are buying into low-calorie and low-carbohydrate food products, diet books, and prescription diet drugs. Due to the awareness of obesity millions of people are dieting yearly, and billions of dollars are sent trying to shred pounds (Tang, …show more content…
Many parts play into obesity, some being more pivotal than others. The most critical element is to choose more beneficial nourishment decisions and exercising consistently. On the off chance that society uphold a healthier way of life, then numerous weight issues could be maintained a strategic distance from. By exercising and settling on the privilege of healthful decisions, will in the end overflow into different parts of their life. A structural theorist would argue that obesity has functionalized society by bring forth awareness. Millions of Americans are dying from diseases related to obesity. However, but due to gyms and many different weight loss programs, has helped many Americans live healthier lives. Obesity has also help functionalize society by increasing jobs. Numerous of Americans are eating out more, which in turn added more than 35,500 fast food jobs. Concentrating on these reasons might, after some time, limit childhood and adult obesity and lead to a more beneficial society in general. A conflict theorist might examined obesity, and state how discrimination at work and social rejection has caused inequality for those overweight. Theses inequalities has caused those who are over-weight feel out cast, while large corporation companies make money and profit heavily off of them. According to an online article, McDonald’s has said to profit more than 1.5

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