Causes Of High School Dropouts Essay

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The Cause of High School Dropouts

There are many people who wonder why there are so many high school dropouts. They ask questions like: why did they drop out, what was the point of dropping out of high school, what was the point of even signing up for school, and a lot of other questions. Parents get excited thinking that their baby girl or baby boy will be graduating from high school. About half of this amount of parents is robbed of this opportunity when their child drops out of high school. Many people wonder what are reasons that high school students drop out before they graduate and what are some ways to prevent high school students from becoming dropouts and what are the risk factors from becoming a high school drop out. How can we stop or prevent high school students from dropping out. The causes of high school dropouts are teenage pregnancies, bullying/cyberbullying, boredom, violence/fighting, family problems, and drug problems.

How many states and counties have tried to stopped high school students from dropping out? “Some folks in Silicon Valley and elsewhere say a conventional education can 't possibly give kids with outsize talents what they need (Harpaz).” People believe that kids with stupendous talents can drop out of high school. “It 's one thing to say tech geniuses don 't need degrees. After all, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg all dropped out of college (Harpaz).” Many people who drop out of high school believe they will be like people…

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