Drug Addiction And Depression Essay

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Abstract The purpose of my research is to show light on the causes of drugs abuse, addiction, and depression. Research have shown that drugs abuse, addiction and depression has negative impacts in our society. ( psychological, environmentally and genetically) are factors which are associated with the issues of drugs abuse, addiction and depression. The areas of drugs abuse, addiction and depression will be discussed in this research for understanding the comorbidity.

Drug abuse, addiction and depression are chronic health problems that can affect anyone. Research have shown that drugs abuse, addiction and depression has negative impacts in our society. According to Sahley, B.J (2010) drug addiction
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According to Parker, G. (2014), evidence from human studies have shown that genetic factors play an important role in substance abuse and depression. According to Schafer, G. (2011), genetic traits of alcohol can be painful and traumatic during childhoods. Alcohol contributes to destruction of family, friends and communities. However Some family have suffered from various form of family disruption, such as loss of custody of their children, loss of employment, marital breakdown, physical and psychological depression. This could be traumatic because it can effect the parent and children in the future and this may lead to substance abuse. According to Crews, F. T. (2012), Neuroimmune signal process signal process are linked to alcohol negative affect and depression. moreover the expression of several genes and proteins enhanced in addicted people. Genetic variability could also increase the risk of addictive behaviors in an individual who is exposed to drugs. psychiatric disorder including depression and drug abuse, addiction disorder can be heritable factors that influence these disorders. This may be perpetuated by adverse environmental exposure which may act as a trigger to activate and increase the risk of substance used. Environmental factor can influence addiction. A lot of people live in poverty and drug infested neighborhood which are the key reason to the addiction. Exposure to

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