Causes Of Death : The Police Essay

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Cause of Death: The Police
Despite a number of movements to lessen the effects of racism in America, it is still a hot topic in the news today, especially in light of many recent shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers. Correspondingly, this leads many to questions of whether or not the police can really be trusted to protect our rights, or are they targeting non-whites as the criminals? Today, police brutality against unarmed african americans is an increasing problem in the United States because of racial stigma within police agencies, leading to the disruption of communities nationwide with racial rioting for justice, along with leaving officers in fear for their lives, but there is a solution to this issue which with a little money and training can be highly effective to prevent the feelings of distrust for police departments.
When police kill an unarmed black teenager, the african american community does not take it lightly. After the murder of innocent Trayvon Martin, a few americans had had enough. After multiple stories of white cops vs. black teens, the organization #BlackLivesMatter was created. The mission of #BlackLivesMatter is to raise awareness of the de-humanization african americans face from classmates, coworkers, and especially authority figures. This group had kept a fairly low profile until the shooting of Michael Brown in August 2014. The afternoon of his death, Brown had stolen a $48 box of cigarillos. Officer Darren Wilson received…

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