Rising College Tuition

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The costs of college tuition are rising across the nation. Many families are struggling to afford the steep price of sending their children to a college. As the cost of attending college increases, many students opt for loans, which is leading to a huge economic crisis. This problem is a huge consequence of the rises in college tuition, which is driven by inflation. This is, therefore, causing some students to avoid college by opting for a job right out of high school or going to a less expensive 2-year community college. At the moment, I believe that the government is not doing enough to tackle the rising costs of a college education. There should be more legislation enacted to prevent a financial disaster in the future.
Why is the cost
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There have been legislations enacted to reform higher education, but the big issues are not being fixed. Obama has created a reform towards higher education aimed towards the middle class. He “created a large investment which results in a system to help students afford college.” However, the middle-class community does not see much relief from this reform. Also, Obama stated, “State policymakers and individual colleges & universities bear the responsibility to take action towards rising college tuition and costs” ("Higher Education," …show more content…
Unfortunately, this is leading to the rising amount of college loans, which is significantly affecting our national debt. This is the domino effect of the recession. The rising college debt of more than 1 trillion dollars can swing the nation into another economic depression. This will lead to a loss of jobs, which will eventually hinder the economic growth of the country. It is crucial that the federal government enacts legislation to help students and families afford college and become better educated. Nevertheless, if our government does not make a change, the cost of tuition will be more than $40,000 a year, which is more money than attending an Ivy League currently for a year. If these trends keep continuing, students and families would be deterred from attending a higher institution due to the high costs. This will end up causing the institutions to raise tuition even more. Overall, it is essential for the government to take action to stop our nation from falling apart due to rising college tuition

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