Causes Of Anomic Suicide

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For my paper this week I have selected Anomic suicide. This type of suicide stood out to me the most because one of my family members, I believe this was type of problems they had before committing suicide that related. Suicide can come from many especially depression and mental disorders such as bipolar disorder.
There has been a big case of suicide rate here in America because of having a mental disorder. Most individuals are considered to be suicidal because of the way they live and the society they live in. They sometimes believe that committing suicide for their beliefs is the right thing and their family members also believe in this. A lot of individuals are ok with ending their own lives.
Bipolar disorders can also be identified as
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I also found another form of research that had been successful in determining the various symptoms that are displayed with Bipolar disorder and other mental disorders like schizophrenia. This study was slated to discover if one mental issue is linked to the other. For example, schizophrenia is an unremitting mental issue that affects the way a person makes a decision; this disease has an effect on the behavior, as well as delusions and hallucinations. The signs and symptoms exhibited with bipolar are extremely close related to those found with schizophrenia.
Researchers have come to the conclusion that the risk factors involved with bipolar disorder imply chemical imbalances in the brain. These imperfections are thought by researchers to be triggered as early as birth. Antipsychotic medications are recommended to alleviate the symptoms many individuals display with bipolar. These medications are FDA approved and can be administered each day by mouth in pill and liquid forms by the patient or care giver but the medication is only effective if the patient is willing to take the meds and deal with the potential
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Some means have been successful in rendering treatment plans that are effective while some have been left open ended with further research labors bring about unresolved questions. Today, medication and counseling seems to offer the most beneficial aspects of the treatment plan but the individual diagnosed with bipolar disorder must be competent or be in a stable enough mind frame to take the daily medications and be willing too except the counseling treatments. With the help of a good support system to ensure these individuals living with this disease visit their care providers regularly while taking their prescribed medication these persons can continue to lead productive

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