Causes And Treatment Of Lung Cancer Essay

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Adenocarcinoma is derived from ‘adeno’, which means gland, and ‘carcino’ for cancer. It can form in many parts of the body, but each tumor is unique to its location. As a respiratory cancer adenocarcinoma is found in the mucus-secreting cells on the outer part of the lungs. It is a part of a group of lung cancers known as non-small cell lung cancers, which are categorized together because of similar prognosis and treatment, rather than similar cellular shape like other diseases.
Most cases of lung cancer are caused by inhaling carcinogens into the lungs, the biggest contributor being cigarette smoke. According to Cancer Research UK, “It causes more than eight out of ten cases, including a small proportion caused by exposure to secondhand smoke in non-smokers.” Other frequently inhaled carcinogens include air pollution and radon gas, which are both common substances both in suburban and city areas. Another common cause for lung cancer is genetically inherited faults in the DNA. When the genetic coding in DNA corrupts, cells can become cancerous. “Cancers can be caused by DNA changes that turn on oncogenes or turn off tumor suppressor genes.” according to Oncogenes are involved in the growth and division of cells. When these are turned on in excess, cells begin to grow rapidly. They become even more out of control when tumor suppressor genes, which are meant to kill these cells before they become a tumor, are also corrupted. These corruptions may be inherited from…

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