Life During The Industrial Revolution

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Industrial revolution is the change to manufacturing procedures. It took place from 18th century to 19th century. It started in Great Britain then extended to Western Europe and North America within a few years. Today I will talk about the industrial revolution and its effect on each of the cheap factors.
The Industrial Revolution excelled a main revolving point in Earth’s ecosystem and humans’ connection with their environment. The Industrial Revolution intensely affected each characteristic of people’s life and lifestyles. The influence on the earth’s psyche did not start to record until the early 1960’s, about 200 years after it started. From human advance, well-being and living longer, to social progresses and the influence on natural resources, community health, energy consumption and cleanliness, the influence was magnificent.
One of the important features of the industrial revolution is the growth of cities. In pre-industrial communities, over 70%
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The main approaches of transportation used today – automobile, airplane, train, and boats – would not be the same in the way that they are nowadays. Before the Industrial Revolution and throughout its early phases, people traveled by horses, carriages, boats that required wind or man power, and by foot. Because poor people did not always afford the first three options, they mostly traveled by foot, making long distance travel time overwhelming and hard. Travelling by foot, they could not hold a lot of their positions, and were often limited by the weather. If not for specific creations throughout the 18th century, people would still travel by foot. The initial invention that changed the way of transportation was the steam engine. In its initial stages, the steam engine was not very efficient; however, in 1769, James Watt created the basis of the modern steam engine; this engine worked much more efficiently than the previous

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