Environmental Effects Of Ocean Acidification

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Ocean Acidification, a process where the pH of ocean decreases as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration increases in the water from the atmosphere. Since industrial revolution, the concentration of CO2 has dramatically increased in our atmosphere due to the burnings of fossil fuels, deforestations, and many more actions that humans take to make our lives luxurious. About 30% of CO2 from the atmosphere is absorbed by the oceans, making marine life’s survival uncertain. It has huge impact in the regions where fishing and tourism is the major source in the increase of economy. Not only marine life, but also humans suffer diseases from ocean acidification. What can we do to stop or at least slow down the process of ocean acidification? NEW The effects …show more content…
We like to burn fossils fuels. We have a hole in the Ozone layer of our atmosphere because of all of the greenhouse gases we release. We cut down forests to make room for our living. All of these actions make our neutral water’s pH go lower and lean towards acidity. When the oceans are acidic, the wind that blows to the lands from these waters is also acidic. It creates lung and skin diseases in humans. Some amount of water from the ocean also goes into the streams underground; these water streams are major sources for water supply in near farms. So this water mixes up with fresh water and the wells pump out acidic water. The towns near the shore would also have to relocate because of their water supply. Then the water that evaporates from acidic ocean is acidic; and the precipitation of that water is acidic rain. It is a cycle powered by humans to create our environment acidic. Wherever human has a reach, natural environment suffers. NEW
Although, our scientists were constantly recording pH of our seas since industrial revolution, but in 2003 they saw a rapid decrease of pH in becoming acidic. They searched for factors and came up with the term “Ocean Acidification.” Currently the acid in our seas is increasing through the continent. Because of ocean acidification, many organisms are going extinct and others are having hard time to adapt. Humans have to relocate due to inconvenience of fresh water supply and to avoid diseases. Entire fishery business is decreasing, so is tourism on acidic sea shores, and so is aquaculture.

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