Causes And Effects Of Global Warming In Africa

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Recently all over the world people everywhere have been taking notice to the topic of Global Warming. As defined in Webster’s Dictionary Global warming is “A gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth 's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants”. The main causes of global warming are the air pollution (which humans account for),The clear cutting of forest or deforestation(which humans also account for) and Radioactive activities and waste(Which are also caused by mostly in part by humans). A few of the effects of Global Warming are Animal Displacement, Ice Cap Melting (which affects the climate of various areas), rise in …show more content…
Africa already faces struggles including poverty ,political conflicts, and ecosystem degradation.Global warming furthers the problems that Africa already faces and adds more; increasing the issues.For example scientists say by the year 2050, between 350 million and 600 million people are projected to experience increased water struggles due to global warming.Global warming is also projected to severely compromise the production of agriculture including access to food across Africa. Lastly the sea level rise will likely affect the low-lying Coastal area’s large population in a very negative manner displacing homes and causing property inflation.In North America However the effects are different.For example Warming in western mountains is projected to decrease snowpack, increase winter flooding, and reduce summer flows.,worsening competition for overly distributed water resources.The displacement of pests animals disrupts functioning & helpful ecosystems. this displacement of pest and animals also introduces diseases to of the country that they are foreign warming Will likely increase trust among coastal communities and habitats worsening the pre-existing stressors of development and pollution.The artic is perhaps the region that has been affected the most the melting of glaciers is misplacing wildlife like polar bears,seals,and certain breeds of penguins.The

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