Essay on Causes And Effects Of Desertification

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Introduction Desertification occurs as a result of the attenuation of the biological and agricultural potential of arid lands, which results in desert-like conditions (Hellden, 1998). This particular definition was popularized in 1949 by Aubreville, a well-known botanist and ecologist, who perceived desertification to be the changing of productive land into a desert as a result of man-induced activities that promote soil erosion (Darkoh, 1996). In recent years, scientists concerned with this phenomenon are beginning to admit that the effects of desertification are permanent and irreversible. Although Northern America and Spain report the largest percentage of arid lands that have been lapsed into deserts (Dregne, 1986), according to the Food and Agricultural Organization (1995) it is evidently clear that this phenomenon affects much of the northern and western parts of Africa in the Sahel region. Darkoh (1996) affords that the United Nations Environment Program provides that 73% of the total agriculturally viable dry-lands in Africa are already degraded. By stating the causes and effects of desertification in West Africa, this paper will argue that desertification is responsible for the instability of the West Africa region and that it inevitably leads to violent extremist organization activities that are destabilizing.
Causes of Desertification There is a stringent lack of reliable data on the extent of land degradation in the Sahel region of Africa, as stated by FAO…

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