Causes And Effects Of Bullying

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Bullying. A child 's worst nightmare; a terrible and recurring sight in society. All children can handle this differently. The causes of bullying are normally related to how a child is raised or just on his/her mental status. Bullying has negative effects on everyone involved; the bully, the victim, and even the bystanders. The prevention or stopping of bullying is necessary for society. By having a clear understanding of the causes and effects of bullying it will guide people to stopping or preventing bullying.

Bullying has a variety of leading causes. A major cause of bullying is social issues. Children have begun to realize that by acting out they will receive attention (Why do People Bully?). They do not realize this is a negative form
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Bullying can have long term and short term effects on the bully, a bystander, and the victim. The effects that occur long term in the bully are drug use or violent acts. People who bully others have a more likely chance of becoming alcoholics, getting in fights, or dropping out of school. A bully may not grow out of these acts resulting in him/her abusing his/her spouse or children (Effects of Bullying). The bully without realizing, in the beginning, starts to ruin his/her life. The victim’s mental health is affected, leading to depression or anxiety. This depression and anxiety can cause the victim to fear social situations or worse cause him/her to end his/her life. The most serious effect of bullying is suicide. Suicide may not be the most commonly occurring effect of bullying, though it has the most impact. Although bullying itself is not usually the main cause of suicide it can drive the victim over the edge when combined with other things in his/her life. The effects to a bystander are a serious concern. A bystander can have a combination of the same effects of the bully and the victim. The bystander can suffer from substance abuse and develop mental health problems. This can be due to seeing horrific things occur to a person. After seeing this happen to someone it could disrupt his/her mental stability. The use of drugs could be to help him/her escape the reality that he/she suffered. A bystander may develop a tendency …show more content…
The first place to start is to pay attention to children. There are many warning signs that can be caught by paying attention, but people will try to hide these signs (10 Steps to Stop and Prevent Bullying). These signs may be hidden so that the child feels safety. A child may have been threatened by a bully keeping him/her from saying anything to an adult. The warning signs will guide to certain problems. Bullying can present many problems, each problem needs dealt with in its own way. After a specific problem has been identified something should be done to help. A person should intervene to stop the problem once bullying is present (10 Steps to Stop and Prevent Bullying). Once bullying is present for sure, a professional should be referred to the situation. The professional is trained to know how to deal with a bullying situation. A professional can give more thorough expertise on bullying. The professional is educated to resolve the bullying problem and understand why it occurred. A person should never give advice he/she is not educated enough to give. (10 Steps to Stop and Prevent Bullying). The bully and the victim should both be dealt with individually. This will give all the individuals involved a chance to tell the story they recall without being ridiculed (10 Steps to Stop and Prevent Bullying). The assumed bully in a situation may not always be the bully, he/she may be a victim retaliating from a

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