Essay on Causes And Effect Of The Greenhouse Gases

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Earth has experienced variations in climate throughout history. Several cycles of glacial advance and retreat (specifically the Permian, Carboniferous, Cambrian and Pre-cambrian glaciations) demonstrate natural climate fluctuation. These fluctuations can be attributed to deviations in the Earth 's orbit; the amount of solar energy received by Earth differing as a result of this. Current temperature trends display an aberrant rate of increase in global lower-atmospheric temperatures. This indicates an (presumably human-induced) escalation in the volume of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are essential in moderation, however, advancements and innovations since the Industrial Revolution (principally those involving the burning of fossil fuels) disrupt or add to the:
→ Natural carbon cycle
→ Water cycle
→ Methane cycle
→ The cycles of assorted fluorinated gases
→ Nitrous oxide cycle
→ The cycles of other minor gases
This causes higher emission rates, especially in carbon dioxide, which is widely acknowledged to comprise a significant portion of greenhouse gases, despite only constituting 0.03% of gases in the atmosphere. Evidence drawn from ice cores in Greenland, Antarctica and tropical mountain glaciers confirms that the Earth 's climate responds to changes in greenhouse gas levels, in conjunction with evincing that large changes in climate have occurred in short time periods in the past (, 2016). Climate change has already…

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