Causes And Effect Of Factory Farms Essay

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Sometimes, many actions such as manufacturing business can bring in many effects. The cause and effect issue, let me just explain what I mean by that. Just as one product becomes the bestselling product in the supermarket and becomes the most demanding. Meaning that it will be needed more often and it would require more manufacturing, which means that companies that practice food engineering would need to ensure more manufacturing of that product. For example, if it’s a gallon of milk, think about the steps that would take, from growing the cows as fast as they can, then injecting them with hormones and steroid (Pollan192). Moreover, the milking and the bottling process often use heavy machinery. Plus the transportation of the product that usually burns fossil fuels, also mentioned in the book the Fork BY Wilson, Bee (15). In previous statement Pollan the author of The Omnivores Dilemma, believes that factory farms are one of the major causes of pollution because it burns many fossil fuels. I wonder if people see my point of view. Everything that relates to the problem has been causing these types of effects. And all of this relates to food manufacturing because everything starts in a laboratory, where they practice and experiment with food. Then, the results are just small pieces of consequences falling behind it, which is why I called it the cause and effect issue.
As people move into the new world of food science (which is the study and work of food), so as the dangers…

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