Causes And Effect Of Divorce Essay

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Causes and Effect of Divorce The words “for better or for worse” generally mean that no matter what situation or extenuating circumstance may arise, the souls bonded in holy matrimony will always remain each other’s support system and right hand. However, some couples can’t take the heat that comes with being in a long-term relationship, so they cut their journey short and get a divorce. Although divorces occur often, the cause of them varies household to household and effects everyone differently. Thus, there are various reasons why couples result to a divorce and effects surrounding their demise. Finance is one of the reasons spouses get divorced. Issues with money and spending in long-term relationships derive from many instances such as unethical spending habits, budgeting, prioritizing, etc. Considering income determines whether any individual has a roof over their heads, are clothed, and are nourished, how couples collectively spend their money is important because now, they are both living to accommodate each other So when one spouse is spending irresponsibly or whatever the situation may be, therein lies a conflict between the couple because their money isn 't being spent efficiently. Studies have suggested that having financial problems early on in marriages, such as job loss, student or credit card debt, or bankruptcy may cause issues down the road that can potentially lead to…

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