Essay on Causes And Consequences Of Salmonella

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of salmonella especially amphibians and reptiles such as lizards, they may be infected and if we handle them and don’t wash our hands we may be infected too.
When we eat or drink something which contains salmonella the bacteria enter our body and it travels through our intestine. Here bacteria can survive by using the gut micro biota as nutrients and can cross the intestinal mucus layer to reach epithelial cells which line the intestine. The disease starts when the Bacteria start to attack these cells. The second step are to determine that whether the attacker bacteria are typhoidal or non-typhoidal. Typhoidal salmonella crosses the intestinal cell and enters the circulation than it travels to the lymph nodes, gallbladder, liver and other parts of the body, where it lives in our cells especially in immune cells known macrophages. Macrophages tries to kill these bacteria but they can’t because salmonella has many ways to defend. Instead of killing those macrophages give them a protected place in which they can multiply. Typhoid symptoms can occur 1-2 weeks after ingesting bacteria. The uncontrolled activation of the immune response can lead to many complications. If no complications occur the disease can clear up.
There is no vaccination for salmonella but it can be prevented by cooking poultry, beef, and eggs thoroughly. Surfaces in the kitchen must need to be clean after they have been in contact with raw meat or poultry. Washing hands after handling pets and using…

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