Causes And Consequences Of Climate Change Essay

2001 Words Sep 28th, 2016 9 Pages
When most people think of climate change, they think of polar bears and melting ice caps. Most people do not think of the families in North Dakota who lost their homes to floodwaters in 2009 or the twenty million people left homeless after the catastrophic 2010 monsoon in Pakistan. However, these disasters are the real consequences of climate change that we are facing. Climate change is the warming of our planet to dangerous temperatures as a result of the accumulation of greenhouse gases such as carbon and methane. However, the warming of our planet does not just mean hot days are hotter. As the earth’s average temperature rises, extreme weather events will become more frequent, allergy seasons will become longer, cities will experience more smog, farmers will face widespread crop failure, our infrastructure will begin to fail us, and humans will be left hopeless on a dying planet. In order to avoid this extremely possible future, action is required immediately. If people do not begin enacting real change, there will be no hope left for the future of our planet.
In order to understand how to solve climate change and how crucial it is that we solve it soon, you first need to understand how climate change works. As you probably know, heat from the sun radiates down to Earth and causes our ice cream cones to drip onto the sidewalk on a hot, summer day. However, rather than radiating back into space, this heat is trapped on Earth by carbon dioxide and methane, also…

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