Cause of Lack of Self Confidence Essay

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Safety Management
Safety Management

Business Outcomes
Behavior-based safety techniques can influence organizational performance
By Treasa M. Turnbeaugh


ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE is an important consideration in managing a firm’s overall success.
Management can set goals and objectives, assign responsibilities and accountabilities, and monitor business outcomes and processes, but it must also consider the context in which all of these initiatives occur. Organizational culture is difficult to define and cannot be measured in a direct manner as it is a soft social science issue rather than a standardized quantitative measure. To confound matters, subcultures often exist within organizations that may or may not
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Schein touches on several ideas in this formal definition, such as ways of thinking, ways of behaving and integrating new employees. To further understand organizational culture, Schein (1965; 1985) (as cited in Kinicki & Kreitner, 2008, pp. 42-43) breaks it

into layers: 1) observable artifacts, such as “manner of Abstract: This article dress . . . published list of values . . . and visible behav- explores the foundation ior”; 2) espoused values, such as “explicitly stated of organizational culture values and norms that are preferred by an organiza- and the concept that tion”; 3) enacted values, such as “the values and behavior-based safety norms that actually are exhibited or converted into techniques can affect employee behavior”; and 4) basic assumptions, organizational culture which are “unobservable and represent the core of change to improve busiorganizational culture.” These layers of culture again ness outcomes. It discusstouch on acceptable thinking and acceptable behavior es organizational culture, in an organization. Both the informal and formal def- safety culture, cultural initions highlight the importance of behavior at the change models such as total quality manageindividual level and collectively at the group level.
While one would think that a strong organization- ment, six sigma and al culture would be good for an organization, this behavior-based safety, would actually be a dichotomous state. A

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