Cause Of Imperialism Essay

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Did you know that even if we were to put the earth’s history into a clock human history would be less than a second? Still, we’ve made the most impact on the earth than any other species.Moreover, we are very inclined on learning about our past. Our history. Our revolution.

The human revolution occurred two hundred and fifty thousand years ago. Humans began migrating to Eurasia, Australia,The Americas as well as to The Pacific.Likewise, the core languages also began to spread.Such as Bantu which was from Africa and Indo-European Which was the core language of Europe. Culturally, the first societies(also known as Paleolithic) were egalitarian, had a higher spread of violence and were pretty much grouped into small populations with low densities.
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The causes with the acronym E.P.I.C is; economic needs, politics at home(nationalism) , international rivalries and lastly, cultural reasons like Social Darwinism. The period of imperialism was when the “scramble for africa” and colonization also in parts of Asia took place. Colonists were brutalised way more than the laborers back in England, introduced to Christianity and also introduced to education which was at many times, available to only native elites. All this led to constant rebellions and in the end, the people that used to classify themselves by villages and families, began to recognize themselves as a larger tribe, a larger race and even as a nation, and part of a continent. This led Africa to experience its own kind of nationalism called Pan-Africanism and for India to finally recognize itself as more of a nation. Later in the twentieth century, many educated leaders in Africa and Asia began to advocate the end of colonial …show more content…
This advocated uncompromising revolution. It first began in the Soviet Union (Russia) and was led by Stalin. The height of communism was in the 1970s, when one-third of the world was communists. Examples are that of Vietnam (led by Ho chi-Minh), China (led by Mao Zedong) and in Latin America with Fidel Castro. Indeed, it clashed with capitalism. This generated the Cold war of arms race between the USA and the USSR. This finally ended in 1991 when communism finally collapsed in

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