Corruption In The Police Department

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Institutional corruption seems to have fallen on the people in the American society this day and age, and has created a distorted platform for which the people view the citizens that protect and serve the community. The force of men and women that have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the community has been dealing with recent incidents that have caused undoubtedly tension between officers and the people. Across the country today many police officers have been filed under complaints with their various departments for excessive force disputes. Those in more serious complaints along the subject have been given paid leave whilst the victims of the incident are left injured or fatally wounded. There is an equal recognition of the problem that has risen within the police department and the people they are committed to serve.

It has become evident that the people have become subject to harassment from officers with discriminatory
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Whilst the civilian population is harmed and affected by the law and its loopholes, officers are given promotions for finding suspects that fit a description of someone who is a lower class or those in poorer communities. Those subject to constant police harassment are targeted by police because of where they live, in areas that are high in crime it is not that police shouldn’t be present but should be evident that any community should not be subject to daily harassment by officers of the law because they fit a description of a “criminal.” Criminal intent is justified by someone’s intent to cause harm, though as we move farther from the Rodney King incident, officers are still misjudging civilians for criminals and soon have become accustomed to demeaning the humanity of someone else by using words to make them less of a

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