Cause And Effects Of Chemotherapy

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Many humans in the world have suffered from cancer. This disease has caused many people to lose their life or even their loved one’s life. Researchers have done many studies to try and tackle this deadly infection, but everything they have tried has either caused cancer to progress or come back. For instance, for decades researchers have been using chemotherapy to target cancer cells. Though chemotherapy is suppose to kill toxic cancer cells in a certain area, it also harm the healthy cancer cells according to ( This makes the human body weaken even more. Luckily, for the ones who are worried about getting cancer, know that healthy cell don’t turn into cancer cells overnight.
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It works throughout the whole body, killing cancer cells that have metastasized to other parts of the body. Although that may sound great, chemo uses over 100 drugs combined to attempt treatment. This is what causes the other damages to occur. Some factors would affect your bone marrow, hair follicles, skin irritation, and the reproductive system. As for the routine blood count monitor being extremely necessary for chemotherapy, it allows the cells to be protected from the treatment of chemo. Without this monitor the body becomes defective due to the drugs harming the cells in the bone marrow. The bone marrow is where blood is produced. If the blood is not produced by the red blood cells, it cannot carry oxygen to tissues, causing Anemia to occur. If this happen it would make you feel extremely fatigued, lightheaded, pale, unable to think, feel cold, and feel very weak according to …show more content…
In women, hormonal changes can bring on hot flashes, irregular periods, or sudden outbreaks of menopause. This may cause women to be temporary infertile. In men, some chemo drugs can harm the sperm or cause men to have a low sperm count. This can also create permanent infertility. Doctors recommend not to have children while taking chemotherapy because the chemo works by damaging DNA and cell development according ( Another reason ( mentions not to have sex during treatments is because it also may cause dryness of vaginal tissues, making intercourse painful and less fun for women. However, according to ( many people on chemotherapy continue to enjoy an intimate relationship and an active sex life. But what they should be worrying about is when the woman does become pregnant. When the chemotherapy drugs are given during pregnancy, it can cause birth

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