Cause And Effect Of Smoking Essay

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Have you ever wondered the real effects that smoking does to your body and how it can affect your body systems and even including other people that are around you when you are smoking. Just going to tell you now that smoking is definitely not the thing you want to be doing. It affects your body dramatically.

Smoking will cause problems to six different systems in your body. One of them being the Central Nervous System which will give you macular degeneration, cataracts, and poor eyesight. It also has the capability of weakening your sense of smell and and taste. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss. It is caused by deterioration of the central part of the retina. The inside back layer of the eye is what allows us to read, see colors, see faces and objects, and allows us to drive a car. Macula is known as the central portion of the retina. It is said that smoking can impair your cognitive functioning and make you feel anxious, irritated, depressed, and can also cause headaches and sleeping problems. Our body has a stress hormone that is called corticosterone. What corticosterone does to us is it acts almost like a medication because it is lowers the effects of what nicotine does to us.

The Respiratory system is another of the six different systems that are affected from the use of smoking. When you smoke you are also breathing in substances that can damage your lungs at the same time the smoking is. After a period of smoking your lungs are no longer…

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