Cause And Effect Of Illegal Drugs Essay

1065 Words Oct 24th, 2016 5 Pages
After almost half a year from the incident, the memory of my irresponsible behavior of drug use on that Friday night still comes up in my mind constantly like a nightmare, reminding me what I could have done negatively to myself, my family, and even the UCSD community with one of the worst decisions in my life. Although I was extremely fortunate that my decision did not cause any severe aftermath eventually, it was absolutely a remarkable and scary lesson that I will always remember to self-reflect and correct my future behaviors. On that night, I was smoking marijuana at first, then consumed LSD after marijuana came in effect; I thought stacking can somehow enhance the joy at the time. That may be true. Nevertheless, I learned at the meeting with Mrs. Samaniego that the doubled effects of both illegal drugs as a stack could actually induce unrecoverable destruction to my brain and neural system, which may ruin my future in an enormous extent. She told me that brains of men are still developing before the age of 25, consuming marijuana before that age may deter the normal growth of the brain and alternate how the system works. If the dose reaches a certain amount, loss of memory and deterioration in study ability may happen eventually. I’ve only entered college for one year and really need to complete my education for a better life. If those effects happened to me, I could have ruined my education and my life altogether if I lost my memory easily. It is definitely not…

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