Cause And Effect Of Adolescent Suicide

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The world is constantly changing and resolving issues around the world, but some problems remained the same over the years. An issue that the U.S. is facing is the increased rate of adolescent suicide over the last decade. People believe that suicide occurs through bullying, depression, and feeling immensely overwhelmed and suicide is the only escape out of it. Researcher David Miller associates the rate of suicide among adolescents occurs by two prominent reasons that are mental illness and past suicidal behavior. Being at a certain demographic of age, sex, and sexual orientation also affects the likelihood of suicide. With the issue of adolescent suicide increasing from a decade ago “It is the second leading cause of death among in people …show more content…
An adolescent that has depression can develop suicidal behavior due to “There is ample evidence that depressive reactions are linked to suicidal behaviors in normative as well as clinical samples of adolescents. Of particular relevance to our model is previous evidence revealing that depression appears most directly related to suicidal ideation”(Klerman 45). Development suicidal behavior can eventually cause the adolescent at risk to perform the actual action. Reaching the stage of depression is heavily related towards suicide. Once at this stage getting help is necessary at the adolescent age specifically due to the lack to experience one have at that age. The relationship between adolescent suicide and depression have a cause and effect as “Depression is considered one of the major risk factors for suicide in adolescence with recent studies showing a significant higher rate of depression in suicide attempters when compared to nonsuicidal adolescents”(Klerman 54). Suicide corresponds with depression as this mental illness allows the adolescent at risk to feel overwhelmed. During the stage of depression many adolescents look for a way out of it, but lack the necessary cognitive skills to overcome one challenge. This links towards suicide as a main issue since depression is a trigger that cause people to commit

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