Cause And Effect Essay On Obesity

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Obesity is a problem that is becoming more and more visible in today’s society. In the Merriam Webster dictionary, obesity can be defined as the condition of having excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body (Obesity Definition, n.d). It is a pandemic that is affecting many people from children to senior citizens. Obesity can also be more common in certain races, starting with Hispanics at 42.5% then, non-Hispanic whites 34.5%, non-Hispanic Asians 11.7%. In comparison to age, obesity is higher among adults ages 40-59 years 40.2% and older adults over 60 years 37%, whereas younger adults 20-39 is only 32.3% (Adult Obesity Facts, n. d). In total obesity affects over 500 million adults worldwide (Obesity Facts, n.d). The statistical …show more content…
Obesity is the fifth leading cause of death globally. Each year over 2.8 million adults die from obesity. Not only is obesity a problem with adults, in 2011, 40 million children under the age of 5 were overweight and borderline obese (Obesity Facts, n.d).Not only is it affecting mankind but it is affecting our economy, the medical costs of obesity in the U.S was about $147 billion, the medical costs where $1429 higher than people with normal weight (Adult Obesity Facts, n.d).Obesity is not only detrimental by itself, but it can lead to a plethora of other medical problems that can be much worse. Often times, obesity is caused by the person. In today’s culture it is becoming more and more of the standard to stay inside and use electronics, especially with children. This is a huge factor in obesity, some other big factors include calorie intake, medical intake, and lack of exercise. When talking about calorie intake the average person needs about 2,250 calories a day. However, a hamburger, fries, and a milkshake add up to 1,500 calories, so the temptation is very easy to fall into. Having a meal like this is not bad once every so often, but eating lots of fast food, drinking too much alcohol, eating large portions, drinking sugary drinks, and comfort eating are all bad habits that can lead to obesity over time. In children, obesity can be caused because of the parent’s bad habits. Many people …show more content…
Because of the amount of childhood obesity many scientists and researched have started to narrow down which lifestyle factors contribute to developing obesity in children the most. The amount of sleep one gets is crucial no matter what the situation is. Sleep regulates the key hormones which have a crucial effect on metabolism and body weight. If a low amount of sleep can be pinpointed as a key attribution to obesity, people can then be educated and try to get more sleep in order to help prevent or even get rid of one’s current obesity. The purpose of the research as to answer the question: Does the lack of children result in a higher risk to develop obesity? 422 random Caucasian children (211 boys and 211 girls) from first, second, and fourth grade were chosen. A survey was given over the phone to the parents which asked: When does their child normally goes to bed and when does their child normally wake up in the morning during the week along with, what was their child’s BMI and age. The suspected results were that, with a lack of sleep, a child would have a higher BMI and would become significantly more at risk to develop obesity, which could lead into diabetes and other medical problems. To analyze the data, the mean. Standard deviation, and frequency were found. The t-test was calculated along with 2 so that a comparison could be made between the frequencies

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