Epidemic Essay On Obesity

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Obesity, the World Epidemic Appalling research shows that in the year 2009, people with less than a high school degree had the highest obesity rate at 32.9%. High school graduates (29.5%) and college drop-outs (29.1%) have about the same obesity percentage, having only a 0.4% difference. College graduates have the lowest obesity rate of 20.8% (Insider Monkey). Recent estimates attribute about 112,000 deaths each year in the United States due to obesity (PDRhealth.com). Obesity has become a major epidemic in the United States due to poor nutrition and food choices, lack of physical activity and exercise, and depression. No one can deny that poor nutrition and food choices are a colossal cause of obesity in not only the United States, …show more content…
For example, some mothers are unaware that breastfeeding can actually promote the health of their babies. Low health literacy consists of not being able to read and understand the nutrition labels on food. If you are negligent about how much of a certain food your body needs in a day, the nutrition label is aimless. Low health literacy can cause many problems when it comes to obesity. Heart damage can occur in those who are obese without causing any noticeable symptoms. Medical disorders such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and gallbladder disease are all associated with obesity. Following smoking, heart disease is the leading cause of death …show more content…
Children all around the world are filling themselves with sugary and fattening foods that create body fat and lead to obesity. Highly processed foods can lead to the classic signs of addiction, such as loss of control, tolerance, and withdrawal (Time.com). An addiction beginning in a child’s early years of life can put that child at a more serious risk of chronically unhealthy eating into their adulthood. Children can be more prone to addiction because their brains haven’t fully developed impulse control yet. Addiction can actually be even more prone to children than adults. The best way to keep kids healthy is to eliminate the option to eat sugary and fattening foods all-together

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