Cause And Effect Essay: Causes Of The Cold War

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Causes of the Cold War
This was a time of political, economic and military rivalry between USSR and the US. This happens after the Second World War in which problems arose due to ever-changing international power. The Soviet Union was aiming to get extra land while the United States was trying to prevent the Soviet Union from gaining what they wanted. The war was cold because the United States and the USSR used not to fight each other in a directly military conflict, instead they threaten each other by wiping them out using nuclear and frequently participating in alternative wars by supporting related nations in many hot wars, for examples in places like Angola and Korean (Ross, 2012). The two countries strived for supporters to maintain and
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This would create a competition between the two rivalries such that one would never need to be overtaken by the other in terms of vital armaments. For this reason, this created animosity between the two countries where each State wanted to prove their powers through newly developed weapons (Phillips, 2011). Consequently, their rivalry led to division as more countries entered the war to support their allies to win.
The economic rivalry and political guidelines between the two countries was another set-up which led to the cold war, with the United States, its political policies recommended that cold war was inevitable. In particular, the concrete actions and events that carried out by both the USSR and the United States carried out a root cause of the cold war (Phillips, 2011).
In conclusion, the cold war pressure between the US and the USSR often orbited round each country trying to surpass each other. This competition is possibly most evident in the arms race and space race. This footings just refer to the cold war competition between the veto powers over which

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