Catcher And The Rye

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My little brother Josh would always use to say his “m’s” with his “w’s”.
He was 5 years old. First off let me point out that he didn’t said his first words until he was three? My mom and my dad were very concerned for a while. Mostly of course it was my mom that was always freaking out. One time she was so concerned that she had like a specialists check on Josh. The specialists just said that he’s just a late bloomer. So my mom sort of calmed down for a while, but on August 6, 2005( I remember this date because we went out to dinner and everything) my brother said his first word which was ( drumroll) “Celeste”. Celeste is my older sister’s name and I’m not surprise. She would always be near him repeating her name, engraving it in his mind.
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It was nothing difficult. I wasn’t reading “The Catcher and The Rye” or “Old Yeller” or anything like that. I started to read him what my mom would always read to me, “12 Little monkeys”. It was perfect! What does monkey started with? It starts with “m” so I knew this would be the perfect book for him. First of course I read to him, then I kept asking him if he could say monkey. Of course he would say “wonkey” but I am not giving up! Finally 1 month in, he started saying “monkey”! I was so proud of him. He didn’t have to go to speech class. Of course he only knowed how’d to say monkey but hey it’s a start alright. My parents were so relieved; especially my mom. Of course eventually he started to say more than just monkey involving his “m” pronunciations. He learned by me reading more books to him and eventually him reading the books and so on so fourth. So that being said, I really just want to emphasize how dramatic my brother changed with his pronunciations. It was really stressful for my parents and I didn’t want to see that anymore. I also have to tell you, it sure was not easy to put up with Josh. He would get mad then I would get mad and it was just a complete disaster. But sure enough, it was sure worth it. Did my mom or dad help out at all? Well of course they did, not! They insisted that I must follow this through and do this on my own. I just think that’s fancy talk for actually saying”Nah, you got this son.” I’m kind of glad they didn’t help me. I feel like they would’ve hold me

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