Cat Burglar Research Paper

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Cat Burglar

Ever wondered where the term, cat burglar orgnally orognated from ? Maybe it was from an owner who realised that no matter where they hid their food, their cat alaways found a way to snatch it up. Coming in at number 9 is an infamaous cat burgler who demonsstartes that the fridge is no obastcle when it comes to satisfying hunger. In this video a beuatiful black ad brown cat is seen on top of the refrigerator staring at the camera man. Within a momets notice however, it begnss to open the fridge and meticoulsuly works it way into the freezer so that it can devour a raw salmon.

No More American Idol Practie Sessions

In what is regarded
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Coming in at number is a video that feeatures a chubby mischeviouss cat that seemngly has a profound facsnation with gravity. At first the cat begins his theory of relavitivty by pushing the remote off the table. As it attempts to do the same with a glass, its owner calls out to it and tells it to stop. The cat touches the glass and pushes it to the edge and looks at its owner, pauses, then proceedss to continue its eexpirement with gravity.

Metal Gear Solid Cat

Chances are that, you have seen the process of how a lion stalks its prey, causitously moving, ever so closer in utmost silence, once it belives that the prey isnt watching. But have you ever seen a cat stalk its prey ? Turns out, that they utilzue the very same tactic. In thsis video, this cat cautously creeps to aquire its prey, the video camera.

Adorable Kitty Having garnered a total of apprioxmatley 66 million views, this adorable cat video is regarded as being one of the mosst popular cat videos on youtube. In this adorable video, the owner of a cat, does a feline version of peek a boo which seemigly tantalizes the mind of this young baby

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