Essay on Castle 's Family Restaurant Business Plan

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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage II
Based on information of the success of Castle Family Restaurant, the data shows that it has been a very successful business. With expansions of eight restaurants with the desires of adding more in the future. Even in a time of successful business, the business is experiencing the burden of the added growth in their Human Resources Department. Mr. Morgan is filling in the role of the Human Resources Manager. Mr. Morgan is required to commute to each of the 8 restaurants. With gas prices skyrocketing, Mr. Morgan wants a solution to cut down on the drive time by rather than commuting back and forth. The Restaurant could accomplish more from having a Human Resources Information System in place of their old way of doing business. This gives Jay Morgan the time of managing Human Resource duties from his office, which would cut down on drive time and expenses. Furthermore, reduces mistakes being made when inputting workers hours and handing out workers payroll checks in a timely manner.

HRIS Current System
Castle’s Restaurants’ current methods for doing payroll is pretty much the old fashion way of doing things. Which can be considered operating in the Stone Age. There is too much tedious work when it comes to paying his employees. This also requires a lot of Mr. Morgan’s time by having to fill out every timecard, transfer it over to a spreadsheet and then drive out and distributed all of his employee’s work…

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