Caste Vs. Caste System Essay example

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Castes are created to separate people. People in positions of power such as the government create groups that people then identify themselves with closely and follow specific values, cultures, and beliefs of that specified group. Caste systems are maintained through superior positions in which they exercise laws to rationalize people’s status. People find comfort with relating themselves into one group versus another. For example, there are different religions and individuals find comfort in religion and the specific beliefs that each one might have and the higher entity they believe in. I found the topic of castes most enlightening because it can serve as reasoning for separation in so many different locations around the world. It is pretty interesting how each location operates their governments and how they impose castes on their citizens differently from each country. During the semester it was interesting to learn about the different castes systems in various countries and how they are related to the U.S. caste system. Also I found the theories on social domination and subordination as even more enlightening to explain the society of the U.S. Subordinate groups (the minority) comprises of members who have significantly less control or power over their lives than members of a dominant group (the majority). In one video Jim Sidanius explains that it is the hierarchy-enhancing social institutions in which violence ad terror are carried out by. So basically the people in…

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