Casino Royale Book Vs Movie Analysis

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Giving one-dimensional words life and turning it into a three-dimensional movie with sounds and visuals takes effort and to effectively portray a movie from a novel is extremely difficult. It takes countless hours of imagination and thoughts to do but in my opinion, Martin Campbell, director of Casino Royale (2006) made all the right decisions and pressed all the right buttons to successfully portray Ian Fleming 's 1953 novel version of Casino Royale. The famous book Casino Royale written by Fleming’s is his most famous and also paved the way for the rest of the coveted James Bond spy novel series that still continue today. Many wonder where Fleming’s extensive knowledge of the secret service world came from and it is because he worked as …show more content…
Campbell did a superior job choosing what to keep from the novel in the movie to effectively portray it and be true to the novel. The main events of the novel stayed the same in the movie and this was a major reason why the movie effectively portrayed the novel. The movie still followed the same outline as the novel of having Bond battle Le Chiffre on the gambling table and getting into near death situations. For example, in both the novel and movie, Vesper gets kidnapped and Bond attempts to rescue her but gets himself in more trouble as Le Chiffre and his men capture him and torture him. Again, in both the novel and movie, SMERSH shoots Le Chiffre between the eye and Bond escapes another near-death situation. Another example would be Bonds comments towards Vesper being a double agent at the end. In both Fleming’s and Campbell’s versions, Bond says “The bitch is now dead” (2:16:35 Campbell)(178 Fleming) To add, Campbell kept the main characters the same and they all played the same role they did in the novel. The antagonist, Le Chiffre, was described exactly like what the book portrayed physically. Flemings described Le Chiffre in the novel as, “Dresses well and meticulously, generally in dark double-breasted suits. Smokes incessantly Caporals, using a denicotinized holder. At frequent intervals inhales from benzedrine inhaler.” and this perfectly describes his actions in the movie. Le Chiffre is seen throughout the movie to be either smoking a Caporal or using his inhaler. Keeping characters the same in this situation are important because the James Bond series are known to have Bond as a hero and if that changed, this movie and the rest of the series would not make sense. This helped enhance the character development because they are the same in both the novel and movie.

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