Essay Case Study : Toyota 's Culture Cause Its Problems

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Case Study for MGMT
The Case Study “Did Toyota’s Culture Cause Its Problems?” illustrates the slow reaction to safety problems of cars and the arrogant culture of
Toyota regarding the issue of unintended acceleration (Robbins &Judge
2013). The key issues in the case study are arrogant culture of
Toyota, miscommunication, groupthink and lack of human relation.
The problems in Toyota began with the recall of 10000 Laxus Cars in
2000 (Finch 2010, p 475), followed by a series of recalls for different models in 2010 (Robbins & Judge 2013). These recalls associated with the unintended acceleration gave birth to lots of questions regarding the countermeasures of Toyota towards safety and the culture of the organization. The essay will use Organizational Culture,
Communication, Groupthink and Human Resource Management as key theories to explore the prime issues of the Toyota crisis and it will finally propose recommendations on the basis of relevant management concepts. Key Theories to analyze

Organizational Culture
Organizational culture is one of the main theories to analyze the key issues highlighted in the case study. Organizational Culture is defined as
‘the deep, basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared by organizational members’ (Schein 1997, cited in Clegg et al. 2011,
p.221). Toyota had a strong culture in which ‘core values are held and shared widely in an organization’ (Robbins and Judge 2008, p.554). A
Strong culture has great…

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