Case Study : Total Quality Management Essay

1063 Words Nov 9th, 2015 5 Pages
Given my SWOT analysis, the approach that I plan to take regarding my top priorty at the company is focusing more on TQM(Total Quality Management) and the triple bottom line instead of focusing solely on its finances, thereby giving consideration to the company 's social, economic and environmental impact. As a result, the company will be able to drive down cost, reduce, reduce errors and R&D cycle time, produces time quality products, maximizing cost efficiency, and securing a competitive advantage.
Total quality management can help improve the quality of the latest line of the company’s product by continuously improving all aspects of the firm. The company never ending improvement includes its employees, equipment, suppliers, materials, and procedures. The basis of TQM is that it is always necessary to strive for an end goal of perfection that will never be achieved, but will always be sought. In addition, TQM entails Six Sigma that can facilitate the company in reducing defects to lower cost, save time and improve customer service. Moreover, it is imperative that the company use employment empowerment to ensure quality products are produced in the production process. Research suggests that about 85% of quality problems come from material and process and not employees. Thus, it is important to involve employees in every step of the production process. Similarly, benchmarking is another element that firm can do to achieve a maximum level of success for their latest…

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