Case Study: The Republic Of The Philippines

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The Republic of The Philippines is a Presidential Republic located in Southeast Asia. The Philippines consists of a group of over 7,100 islands, which is an area slightly larger than the state of Arizona (Factbook, 2010). With an estimated population of just more than 100 million people, The Philippines is very diverse in ethnic groups, languages and religions. The nation is also very rich in natural resources to include major deposits of copper, chromium, gold as well as producing over 10% of the world’s nickel (Philippines, 2011).
Since the time that the country came under Spanish influence in 1521, following Ferdinand Magellan’s claim on the islands (Ibis Communications, 2001), there have been many overseers of the island nation.
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I would say to China, 'do not claim anything here and I will not insist also that it is ours '. But then I will just keep a blind eye." (BBC News, 2016). Following The Hague ruling, President Duterte has softened his stance on the issue, by saying he would likely call a summit with Chinese leaders to try and resolve the disputed issue. It 's unlikely he wishes to risk economic ties with the world 's number two economy, but his nationalist pride is at stake, especially after he ran a campaign that promoted his ability to preserve Philippine national interests against both Washington D.C. and Beijing (Chandran, …show more content…
This is only the most recent of several attacks that have been claimed or perpetrated by ASG in the last decade, which includes bombings, kidnapping for ransom and beheadings. ASG is the most violent of the Islamic insurgency groups in the southern Philippines. It has its origins in the southern island of Mindanao, where the majority of its citizens are Muslim. The origins of the group date to the 1990’s, when it split from the Moro National Liberation Front into a more radical and violent group (Center, 2014). The ASG has been responsible for targeting Filipino citizens as well as foreigners, in the form of kidnappings. Many of these victims have been killed when the demands are not met. The most recent was Canadian Robert Hall, who was beheaded in June after ransom demands were not met (Austen,

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