Nation Building Process In The Philippines Essay

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Nation-building process in the Philippines were slow. In the beginning of the occupation, the US had to fight against Aguinaldo’s guerilla forces that wanted independence. The US managed to contain guerilla forces, however lost 4200 lives of soldiers.
In the beginning of the occupation, the US established a military government under General Arthur McArthur in the Philippines. Later the power of the government was transferred to the Civil Control under the Civil Governor Taft. Under the Civil Control, the fundamental provisions of the Constitutions such as “freedom of speech, religion, and press” were given to the Philippines.
With Filipinization, the Civil Government established a government starting with municipalities where the natives
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The Organic Act of 1902 gave the government power to dispose the lands. With the Organic Act, the US sought to improve the land system between landowners and sharecroppers.
The US played significant role in developing education system in the Philippines during the occupation. In 1901, the level of education was low and 55 percent of the population was illiterate. The US believed that education “would promote Filipino cultural cohesion, encourage democracy and civic-mindedness, liberate individual talents, and help to create a sense of national and global identity”. The Taft commission made English the language of instruction and made primary education free to all the Filipinos.
From 1909 to 1930, American educational policy in the Philippines prioritized “industrial education”, which provided manual and vocational training to students. Industrial education focused on commercialization and standardization as a major goal. When industrial education did not work out well, the US shifted its focus to primary education, which put emphasis on literacy and numeracy. The new educational reform had a goal of economic development. By the end of the 1930s, the number of English speakers increased and the literacy level increased to over 50
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The US nation-building efforts in the Philippines were successful. The US as an occupying force built self-governance in the native islands where at first deemed incapable of democratic governance. The Philippines became a democratic country that governed by the laws of the constitution. Through the US military occupation, the US practiced the principles of law and democracy and changed the structure of government, economy, and society in the Philippines. By liberating the Philippines from Spain, the US successfully built democratic self-government in the Philippines that has the US government

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