Essay about Case Study : The Hexadecimal Company

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This paper highlights my analysis of The Hexadecimal Company Case with a focus on (a) the organization’s objectives; (b) problems and unresolved issues; (c) ethical concerns; (d) organizational interventions; (e) OD practitioner competencies for improvement; and (f) my recommendations as a OD change consultant.
The Hexadecimal Company - Objectives
The Hexadecimal Company had two objectives. First, the company wanted to achieve “organizational excellence” as a result of the changes in the technology market shift the demand for the company to make changes in their product offerings. The second objective was to develop an internal OD Group to facilitate the required changes to make the organization more efficient in aligning with their growth and the new product demands.
Problems and Challenges

Implementation of Change
One of the major problems for Hexadecimal was the effectiveness of the planned changed implemented by the OD Group. According to the Hexadecimal Case Study (Brown, 2011), Zoltan sought out the expertise of a professor of OD, regarding his desire for initiating the change at Hexadecimal. As a result, Zoltan assembled an OD Group by recruiting four external consultants and appointing one employee from Human Resources. Although, at the onset of the planning the group met with Zoltan and got his input on the change, the outcomes from the planning demonstrated that there was no clear vision, leadership, or theoretical framework for developing the appropriate…

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