Case Study : Supply Chain Management Essay

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One of the most underrated aspect of business management is supply chain management. (Gemma, 2014) Supply chain is a network among different organization which are linked together by upstream and downstream linkages, due to the specific purpose. (Stadtler, 2015) The Supply chain is faced with different issues such as rapidly soaring multinational corporations and strategic partnership, global expansion and lack of specific source in some lands. In addition, there are some environmental concerns. All these issues demonstrate the need of efficient word-wide supply chain. Business world is changing constantly and therefore, a significant challenge is to stay in the competition, and all organizations are forced to change with new situations and conditions. Supply chain is one of the critical tools to achieve this aim. Indeed, the whole world is a large supply chain.
This essay is trying to compare the supply chain strategies in two different industries, fast moving consumer goods, and oil and gas industry. Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Exxon Mobil are chosen, as they are successful world-wide companies, therefore, they should have a sufficient and successful supply chain to remain in markets, these reasons make them good representatives of their field.
Procter and Gamble Supply Chain
Based on figure 1, the Net Sales of P&G was 83,680 billion dollars in 2014. It might happen because of the close communication between company and customers, and their strategies to meet…

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