Case Study: Strategic Position And Risk Assessment

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Strategic position and Risk Assessment

With the tremendous growth and demand for tutoring services the level of competition in the industry has risen to new heights. Nonetheless, TTMS continues to pride itself on offering the highest quality service at a competitive and affordable price. Our success depends greatly on effective strategies which are outline as follows:
• Strengthen our relationship with schools we are already working with.
• Establish new and strong relationship with other schools in the neighborhood
• Evaluate clients ' learning needs to pinpoint where they are having difficulties having difficulties understanding concepts.
• Organize fundraising activities to gain additional funding for expansion.
• Institute a monitoring
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TTMS will be differentiated based on service offering and pricing. The management of TTMS believes that to offer the best service to alleviate students’ failures our business must be equipped with the very best tutors. As such, qualified, experience and dedicated tutors will be prudently selected to be a part of the team.
With our focus on marketing which features a user friendly website, television, newspaper and flier advertising initiatives along with referral programs from past parents and schools we have already established a relationship with, TTMS is set for significant growth. With the rapid advancement of technology in today’s world, there are numerous avenues available to that can be used to successfully inform and remind the public about TTMS services offerings. TTMS marketing strategies will guide our fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive
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High impact locations will be used to market our tutoring service. By analyzing the market, we have decided to advertise within Schools, Public Libraries, Coffee Shops, and Community Centers. We are choosing these spots because of heavy traffic of students. We will build a relationship with guidance counselors and student services offices since this is the place where students come to look for academic help. Therefore, advertising in these places will definitely drive some traffic at a very low cost.
Another solution to reach customers for the business is online marketing. In today 's world people rely on the internet, therefore, online advertising is one of our best and inexpensive marketing solution. That being said, we will do advertising campaign on all social media networks. We will also develop our website which will help to drive traffic by advertising through search engines such as Google ad words and Microsoft ad

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