Case Study : South Korean Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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The Goal
While others struggled to figure out what they would research for their personal project, I immediately knew that my presentation would be about South Korean Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic surgery has fascinated me since I was young. The idea of being able to alter an individual’s facial features and mold it into his or her own creation simply intrigues me into an abyss of admiration. I plan on becoming a cosmetic surgeon after college, so what better way to explore the expanses of South Korean cosmetic surgery than make it the main topic for my personal project?
Due to the personal project’s social emphasis, I decided my ultimate goal would be to: give others and myself a broader understanding of cosmetic surgery, look into what South Koreans think about cosmetic surgery, and conclude how cosmetic surgery affects the South Korean society. According to Seoul Touchup (2014), “South Korea owns precisely 24% of the World cosmetic Surgery Market.” T his data has led me to choose South Korea as my personal project’s country. Knowing my personal project included me sharing my research with others, I decided to create a club where I can present my findings to its members. As for the final product, I chose to produce a scrapbook containing the most popular cosmetic procedures, quotes from South Koreans on their thoughts about cosmetic surgery, statistics from credible sources, and my personal commentary on what I’ve understood from the quotes.
Selection Of Sources
In order to…

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