Rewards Vs Plastic Surgery Research Paper

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Risks vs. Rewards
The definition of beauty is different for each individual. Each person’s definition of beauty is shaped by that person’s surroundings and culture and can even change throughout their life. Despite the billions of different ideas surrounding what a beautiful person is, everyone wants to make themselves into their definition of beauty. Throughout the course of history, many different cultures have resorted to numerous methods of beauty enhancement. Some of these modifications included tooth blackening, tattooing, lip plates, scarring, razor sharp teeth, lengthened necks, and binding of women’s feet to make them smaller (Lusted 9-10). These methods have evolved to become plastic, also known as cosmetic,
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Reconstructive plastic surgeons preform surgeries on accident victims, burn victims, people born with birth defects, cancer patients, and numerous other cases. There are countless positive aspects to the availability of plastic surgical procedures. The capability to erase birth defects and injuries helps to improve a person’s self-image and overall quality of life. Young children who may have been turned away because of the way they look can now have corrective surgery to make them look and feel more normal (Lusted 21). Plastic surgery can also improve a person’s health. A surgery as simple as a nose job can cure sinus infections and a simple breast reduction can lower a women’s risk of cancer and fix back problems ( 1). For some, having a cosmetic surgery may just boost their confidence levels and self-image, pulling them out of a depression. A cosmetic surgery is performed to improve one’s appearance by enhancing their physical attributes. Therefore, a successful completion of a plastic surgical procedure, resulting in the outcomes desired by the patients, can actually work wonders on one’s self-esteem and boost one’s self confidence to a great extent (

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