Essay on Case Study : Solitaire Jewellers Ltd

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Solitaire Jewellers Ltd. (Solitaire) is an independent jewellery manufacturer and retailer based in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore, founded by Terry Goodman in 1970. For many years the business operated out of a small store which merged a workshop and a retail space into one (Meanger & Cox, 2016). However, after upgrading its store and many years of poor management skills, Solitaire is beginning to struggle financially and fundamentally. Many improvements need to be made to encourage stronger leadership and motivation to ensure a successful business. This report will apply models and theories on how improved leadership and motivation can help staff develop visions as they work towards completing a goal.

Figure 1. Managerial styles in Blake and Mouton’s leadership grid 1964 (Schermerhorn et al., 2014).

The difference between being a leader or a manager can be an important aspect to help grow Solitaire into a successful business. Abraham Zalenik suggested that leaders develop visions and drive changes, while managers monitor progress and solve problems (Zalenik, 2014). John is more of a manager because he doesn’t develop visions for Solitaire, rather he just monitors his staff. Although he does have a vision for Solitaire, he hasn’t put objectives in place to achieve his goals. Being the owner and manager of the business, John has not yet shown his full capabilities of leadership, as he is not in total control of his staff. According to Blake and Mouton’s…

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