Case Study : Sales Representative, Wholesale And Manufacturing, Technical And Scientific Products

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1. The career that I decided to investigate was Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products. According to O*NET the letters associated with this career are E and C. The E stands for enterprising and fits this job because in sales you have to make decisions that revolve around the company. You also are trying to persuade clients to buy a product. The C stands for conventional and fits this job because there is a lot of paperwork to fill out with this type of job. You have to be in charge of data and organizing the material presented. A lot of the paperwork you fill out could be routinely and conventional is about organizing and managing information.
2. My Holland Code was ESC so I share the same letters with this career. Even though S is not included in the career letters, I think it is a key factor of the job. In sales you are communicating with others constantly so enjoying other’s company is something you want. My top five interest areas included Sales, office management, marketing & advertising, management, and healthcare services. Overall, my top interest being sales would definitely be an indicator that being a Sales Representative would be a good fit. However, I think that since it is a broad career, I would be willing to explore what I would specifically want to sell. As far as this career goes, I think I would like the responsibility I would be accountable for. Even though I do not always handle my stress the best, I work…

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