Case Study on D.I.a Baggage Handling System Essay

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Case Study on D.I.A Baggage Handling System

a. Stakeholders

b. Project Management Leader

c. Project Development

d. Outsourcing and decisions behind it

3. Issues and Problems

a. Three Key Project Management Mistakes

i. Project reaction to mistakes

4. Resolution

a. Steps to right the wrong

5. Conclusion

a. Lessons Learned

According to the initial plan, the project was to span from 1989 to 1993 and cost $1.7 billion. The opening of the airport was delayed four times due to problems with the baggage handling system. Overall 16 long
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Sadly, the baggage system was nothing more than an afterthought of the design of the airport, AFTER construction began, let me make sure you understand that AFTER construction had begun and only then did the details surrounding the baggage handling system start to begin. This of course caused major problems due to limitations of resources that were not allocated properly which would contain the baggage system’s tracks and other components. The system then was made to fit in the underground tunnels and space available, not designed. These auto-carts had sharp turns now to make which again was not part of any plan. The schedule that BAE or timetable rather that they had set for the grand opening was not remotely realistic and as all good projects should do, have taken into consideration any potential issues along the way. BAE officials were even quoted as stating “We knew that was not long enough and we said so. It is a job that ought to take twice as long” (Why Technology Projects Fail). They knew but accepted the timetable of 4 years when they knew it should take 7 to 8 years for such a task. Denver Aviation Director James C DeLong even stated they just misjudged the timeline completely. The project as most will when unrealistic deadlines are given will continue to fall behind more and more, which then calls for more rapid work, longer hours which

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