Case Study Of Sojland And Thyselius AB

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In reading the case study in the textbook about Sojland and Thyselius AB, the organizational structure of the company is a basic product structure, which means that all the subsidiaries are ran as individual companies that all report to the headquarters. The headquarters in the case study was a holding company that was run by Mr. Sojland. The first company was focused on the military defense projects as a core piece of business. . The owners had interviewed every one of their employees or interns for all business units and was focused on bringing the right person for each job. With the handpicking of each employee except 1, how can the company foster greater coordination between the subsidiary firms?
The subsidiaries should all be on
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Corporate headquarters has the responsibility to detect opportunities for collaboration and create systems that favour such initiatives.” (:, n.d.) The subsidiaries need to have the drive to help the entire business and rely on their own business dealings. For example from “ corporate-level interventions that add value to a family of business units in the modern corporation result from (a) the ability to identify, select, and leverage valuable knowledge11as well as (b) corporate systems of planning and control that seek to tailor headquarters’ interventions according to their own characteristics in relation to the needs of subsidiaries.” (:,

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