Holiday Inn Business Analysis

About five years ago my husband received orders that we were to be stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas. Living in Arkansas, I was able to obtain a job as a Human Resource Coordinator for Holiday Inn. They had just finished construction and was gearing up for their grand opening. While working as a Human Resource Coordinator, I was in charge of interviews, placement, employee benefits, safety regulations, and payroll. Moreover, I managed unemployment and worker’s compensation claims for employees. Also, I handled the orientation process for all the new employees, along with exit interviews for those current employees. Furthermore, I managed the benefits administration such as jury duty, sick leave, vacation, and 401K plans for employees.
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In order for this process to be effective, Holiday Inn should break up the Human Resource Department, so instead of having one person with multiple tasks and responsibilities, it could be three people. Moreover, with a group of three people in the Human Resource department, it could be broken down with one person being hired to manage the payroll and benefits, which includes vacation, sick leave, and 401 K Plans. Another person could manage the safety and health of the hotel, this would include ensuring all employees adhere to the proper policies and regulations provided. Lastly, a third person for recruitment and placement, this would include hiring firing, interviews, orientations and background checks. Therefore, with a three-person Human Resource Department, this ensures the recruiter will have a better hiring strategy, which gives them a better chance of having the best candidates recruited. Moreover, this would allow the other people in the Human Resource Department to do other HR related tasks needed. Furthermore, this ensures that the company time is being utilized effectively and efficiently without any added stress to …show more content…
This organizational arrangement sometimes is referred to as the unitary form (U form) of organization because it places each primary function in one major subunit (rather than in multiple subunits) (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2016, p 417). Moreover, this specific grouping function and design of job seemed to have a significant effect on the employees and their performance levels. Sometimes there were delays in services because of the communication between the front desk staff and the housekeeping staff, information got lost in translation between the two departments. Therefore, the primary improvement would be to ensure that the department managers fully understand how to effectively communicate instructions to other departments as well as to each other. This could help with any errors that might happen with the

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