Goal Setting In Counseling

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Goal setting
In this case, I would like to use the cognitive behavioral approach to help the client, Wai. There are several cognitive behavioral approached, including the rational emotional behavioral therapy (REBT), cognitive therapy (CT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Arnkoff & Glass (1992) pointed out that all of the cognitive behavioral approach share the same basic chrematistics and assumptions. Firstly, the client and the therapist have the collaborative relationship. Secondly, the therapist assume that the psychological distress is because of the disturbance in cognitive proves. Thirdly, the focus on challenging the cognitive can bring the affective and emotional changes. Fourthly, a time-limited and educational treatment focusing
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Hackney & Cormier (2005) stated that process goal related to the establishment of the therapeutic condition, which is necessary for the client change. For example, establishing rapport, providing a non-threatening setting, processing accurate empathy and communicating unconditional positive regard. Counsellor will try to establish a good relationship to the clients and the clients are willing to talk to the counselor, which can help the counsellor to understand the client. Counsellor will provide a non-threatening setting to have the treatment with the client, which can make sure the confidentiality and make sure the client will not be affected by others. Empathy is the essential element of the counsellor. Rogers (1961) pointed out that empathy is the sense of the client’s inner world, which seems like you can get the feelings. Delaney & Eisenberg (1962) pointed out that the counsellor can inference the feelings, belief and attitude from the client’s words (as cited in Lam, 1990). Counsellor need to put down his own values and try to sense the facing stress or the feelings of the clients, which can help the counsellor the decision and action of the client. Unconditional positive regard comes from the core value of respect. Counsellor believes that each of the client is a unique and valuable person. Even they are facing the problem, they can overcome the problem by …show more content…
Outcome goal is directly related to the changes of the client and the client try to accomplish in the counselling treatment (Hackney & Cormier, 2005). Each of the outcome goal is different from other client. Outcome goal is set by the client and counsellor, so both of them agree to achieve the goal. The outcome goal usually is visible and measurable, that the client can observe the changes after the counselling treatment. In this case, client and counsellor will set two outcome goal. Firstly, the treatment can help the client to alleviate the grave level of the drug addiction. We hope that the client can overcome the drug addiction after the whole treatment. Secondly, the treatment can help the client to mend the relationship to his family. Client is facing some emotional difficulties which is because of its logical error and the counsellor can help him to recognize and change their own negative belief. Client and counsellor get the consensus to have eight sessions for the whole

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