Case Study Of Pharmare's Environmental Initiative

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PharmaCARE’s environmental initiative
On one hand PharmaCARE’s extensive activities in Colberia have destroyed habitat and endangered native species and on the other hand, the firm launched the new environmental initiative and pledging its commitment to the environment through recycling, packaging changes, and other green initiatives. These two are contradictory. The habitat loss and endangered species have a big negative impact on the environment. It seems that the firm’s new initiative on environment issues is only to get acceptance by the public. In addition to the new initiative, the firm is expected to do some efforts on finding a way to restore degraded habitats and method of protecting existing natural habitats. Working closely with concerned organizations such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency, World Wide Fund might be helpful inorder to solve the problem.
PharmaCare actions using Ethical Theories
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Initially, the company sold only infant’s cereal but they quickly diversified to include a variety of products including chocolate, coffee, soup, yogurt, water and frozen foods in their portfolio. The organization employs nearly a quarter of a million people from 70 different countries around the world. Nestlé operates in almost every part of the world. However, the firm has issues of violation of labor law such as bad labor conditions, human rights violations, including child labor. West African countries, Ivory Coast and Ghana are the world’s largest producer of cocoa, the raw ingredient that makes chocolate and Nestlé is heavily dependent on these countries for its chocolate production. The company is generating in billions of profit from the production of chocolate and the CEO and executives are getting in millions, whereas cocoa farmers are getting less than 2 US dollars a day, below the threshold of absolute poverty (2015 Cocoa

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