Case Study Of Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing

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Register to read the introduction… This is because communication is an important tool of business, and determines the level of returns and success of an organization. The diagram below illustrates flow of information in the organization.

Data base System Customer

Information flow in the organization will be effective between the customers and the company. The diagram illustrates the information source and destination, and source of storage of respective information or data.

Process flow measures
Process flow in an organization is important in ensuring timely production and transportation of goods to the market. The process should be simple and short to enable production increment. Generally, I would work on ensuring that the process is shorter to enable timely unit production to enhance quantity of production. Furthermore, this will eliminate excess capacity in the process. Currently, the firm produces average quantity and capacity in the market. However, it is estimated that the company might be forced to increase production capacity due to the increased demand of the product. The production capacity of the company shows that it will effectively respond to the estimated demand increase in future of 12% in the successive
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According to the values, culture and employment requirements of our organizations, employees’ information are considered confidential to the company. The employees are required to feedback on their daily achievements and complaints received from clients or customers. Workers are also expected to share relevant information with the customers and inform them on the products of the company, and any other relevant information on the products of the company. The communication channels of the company enable executive employees or workers of the company to share information with the media on behalf of the …show more content…
 External failure cost: This cost associated with the problems that we could encounter when our products have reached the customers. We evaluate products to ensure our customers cannot encounter any problems with our products.
 Internal failure cost: This is associated with the problems that we can encounter within the organization. We take care of challenges and problems that might occur within the organization such as retesting to enhance quality.
 Inspection cost: Our production team is committed and inspects products before allowing transportation of the products to the market. We evaluate our products before sales to enhance quality.
 Prevention costs: Our organization incurs this cost in order to prevent poor quality and prevent

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