Case Study Of Castle Family Restaurant Business System

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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage II
Based on information of the success of Castle Family Restaurant, the data shows that it has been a very successful business. With expansions of eight restaurants with the desires of adding more in the future. Even in a time of successful business, the business is experiencing the burden of the added growth in their Human Resources Department. Mr. Morgan is filling in the role of the Human Resources Manager. Mr. Morgan is required to commute to each of the 8 restaurants. With gas prices skyrocketing, Mr. Morgan wants a solution to cut down on the drive time by rather than commuting back and forth. The Restaurant could accomplish more from having a Human Resources Information System
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Which can be considered operating in the Stone Age. There is too much tedious work when it comes to paying his employees. This also requires a lot of Mr. Morgan’s time by having to fill out every timecard, transfer it over to a spreadsheet and then drive out and distributed all of his employee’s work checks which consumes too much labor and can leave a trail for possible human error. This is a problem “because labor costs are the largest variable cost for most organizations. It is critical for the organizations ' financial well-being that payroll records be accurate and timely” (Kavanagh, Thite, & Johnson, 2012, p. 470). By implementing an automated payroll system, they can alleviate these problems and put themselves on a path for future company …show more content…
Unlike ZenPayroll, it gives employees online access to view their paystubs and reports. TRAXPayroll also tracks vacation, sick time, PTO, LNP and any other hourly benefit for your employees. This information can also be accessed by any worker online and on their paystubs. It can also be connected to the company’s 401k vendor to manage deferred compensation plans and ensure compliance with ERISA rules and guidelines. “For an additional fee, it can also come with TRAXTimecard which allows you to manage employee’s time and attendance, making the payroll system even more efficient. TRAXPayroll pricing is less upfront. You are required to send in your company’s information in order to receive a quote, so pricing is unsure” (TRAXPayroll,

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