Case Study Of Castle's Family Restaurant Business Plan

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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage II
Based on information of the success of Castle Family Restaurant, the data shows that it has been a very successful business. With expansions of eight restaurants with the desires of adding more in the future. Even in a time of successful business, the business is experiencing the burden of the added growth in their Human Resources Department. Mr. Morgan is filling in the role of the Human Resources Manager. Mr. Morgan is required to commute to each of the 8 restaurants. With gas prices skyrocketing, Mr. Morgan wants a solution to cut down on the drive time by rather than commuting back and forth. The Restaurant could accomplish more from having a Human Resources Information System
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This type of smart technology would immediately move employee’s data to the payroll system. This would save Mr. Morgan countless days and hours to get his payroll distributed out to his workers. The implemented software would get the employee’s data and computes the total number of hours worked for that employee. This saves the company money and unnecessary labor cost. With this technology in place, it will also reduce the risk of human error. The automated payroll system would also calculate any reductions required for tax purposes. This will ensure that the company is taking out the correct amount of money from each check. “Automated payroll software will also file everything electronically, so no manual filing has to be done. This is a great benefit since the government requires companies to save tax records for a minimum of four years” (Ferguson, & Media, …show more content…
With this type online based software, there is no need to download anything. With ZenPayroll, you can be assured with meeting all of your payroll deadlines and get your workers paid on time. AutoPilotTM is the system that will process off of the company’s payroll and inform you to let you know that it is ready to be filed. This ensures that employees are always paid on time. This feature can also be turned on or off at any time to give company’s a peace of mind. Extra perks include an automated system that calculates and files all of the company’s state and federal taxes. It is also great for a growing company such as Castle’s since they make it easy to add new employees. The system allows employees to fill out their own information, and then it automatically generates and files a 1099 form. ZenPayroll pricing is very straight forward. They charge a $25 dollar base rate plus $4 per employee per month. For the Castle’s Family Organization that employs between 300 and 340 people, that is only $1225 to $1385 per month. “It is also on a month-to-month payment plan so you can cancel anytime without being penalized” (ZenPayroll,

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